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New Elder Connect

This is a community of people on the New Elder Path. You can participate in community discussions, ask questions for others to respond to, create your own blog posts about things that interest you, and even establish your own group.

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Elder Circles

Check out the Elder Circles section under Resources to find ideas on starting an Elder Circle, or keeping your existing Elder Circle fresh.

Or join the Elder Circles Group on New Elder Connect to share ideas with other folks involved in Elder Circles.


Paul Severance's seminar was both informative and inspiring. He awakened our sleeping sense of purpose. He grounded theory with practical ways to implement. It was a clear, concise clarion call to reclaim our role as elders in the family, the community, and the world

- John Gibson

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New Elder

The New Elder is one who has developed the qualities and taken on the wisdom-source role of the old elder (or sage) who used to be so respected in human societies.

New Elders are needed to lead us to creation of a global community which respects all humanity and respects the Earth we live on.

Third Age

After Childhood (Growth, Learning) and Adulthood (Family, Career, Security, Success):

Our increased longevity has created a Third Age: Elderhood. Possibilities. Reinvent yourself and your life. Growth. Retire or a whole new career? What do you want to experience, learn? What difference do you want to make on this Earth? Organizing principles: Fulfillment, Purpose, Legacy.


Sage-ing® is the term coined by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in his book From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older. It refers to the process by which we develop and nurture our wisdom in our Third Age.

Center for the New Elder

Inspiration and tools for infusing your “third age”
with growth, purpose and fulfillment

New Elder Mission Coaching

For individuals who want to focus on their mission in a more flexible, personal format, we offer individual New Elder Mission Coaching.

The goal of New Elder Mission Coaching is to support you in clarifying your purpose and mission for this stage of your life (if that is part of what you need); to help you develop a winning strategy for accomplishing your mission; and to provide support, encouragement, and accountability for fulfilling your mission.

New Elder Mission Coaching starts with a free phone call (or personal meeting in Central Indiana if you prefer) in which we discuss what you would like to get from the coaching process, and what I have to offer.

If you would like to proceed with a coaching partnership, we will agree on a schedule. There is never a commitment – we will engage in the coaching process as long (and only as long) as you find it valuable.

Generally sessions are one hour in length, and the cost is $50 per hour.

To set up a free initial call to explore New Elder Mission Coaching, e-mail